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What Are The Best Monitor Settings for Gaming?

If you bought a new monitor, you might be facing some image correction or coloring issues that are common for new monitors, but gaming will result in a bad experience. It is not an error of your monitor because these are the consequences of their default settings. Now the point is how you can adjust the best Monitor settings for gaming. So here are some instructions through which best monitor settings for gamming can be adjusted. 

Best Monitor Settings for Gaming Setup

Gaming monitors are optimized for other features than portrait or graphic design monitors. You can also get a better experience through the best TV settings for gaming.

RGB monitor manly use for gaming. These color accurate monitor has their screens equipped with a lighting system that illuminates the backside of the monitor. 

Choose The Best Resolution

There are two terms you need to know for gaming monitor setup, resolution, and refresh rate. Resolution means the number of pixels your monitor can display. Most widely used of them are 

  1. 720p (1280×720)
  2. 1080p (1920×1080)
  3. 1440p/2K (2560×1440)
  4. 2160p/4K (3840×2160)

Refresh rate of monitor is defined as the maximum frames per second (FPS) that a monitor can display, regardless of the number of frames a game’s graphic card may output. It is commonly referred as “Hz” or “Hertz”. For instance, a 60Hz monitor will only display 60 FPS, even if your graphics card is capable of more than that. All Monitors differ in resolution according to their screen size and refresh rate; it is best for you to choose the best monitor resolution that suits you to get the best quality.

Find the settings option from the start, then tap on the system settings (May does not show on your screen as it differs according to windows).

If the above option is not good, you can also find the display settings by right clicking the mouse button on the home screen and selecting the display settings.

Now once the display settings open scroll the screen and find the Resolution settings option available on the screen.

Click on the slide bar and choose the best resolution for your gaming on monitor.

Tap on apply option to save the changes.

Adjust Brightness and Contrast

Almost every monitor has a side button for adjusting the brightness and contrast of the screen. But in case if you’re not aware of how to adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen, you can visit the Monitor manufacturer site and check for how to adjust the screen brightness settings using the side buttons correctly. There is also an option available in some Monitors which can automatically adjust the monitor brightness and contrast of the screen according to the light available at your place. 

Windows also has a handy tool built right in for calibration. To use this tool, follow the following steps,

  1. Search “Control Panel” from the Start Menu.

2.Then click on the Color Management icon and navigate to the Advanced tab.

best monitor settings for gaming

3. Choose “Calibrate display” under “Display Calibration.” 

best monitor settings for gaming

4. Windows’ Display Color Calibration dialog box will open. That will guide you on how to adjust your gamma, contrast, brightness, and color balance.

best monitor settings for gaming

Adjust Settings

If you’re using more than one monitor. Then, you can recognize the monitors that are plugged in. Detect another monitor whose screen orientation you want to change. Change it and then choose what you want to display on each monitor. Also choose which one is the main display.

Select Start > Settings > System > Display

Your PC must detect your monitors automatically. If in case you are unable to see the monitors then select Detect.

After connecting to two screens, there will be a screen orientation option available choose the orientation in which you want to set your Monitor screen.

Now you have to choose what you want to display on the two monitors.

Select the option Multi Monitors option and choose one of the following options: Extend (single display screen on both monitors), Duplicate (display same screen), Show only on 1, and Show only on 2.

After all this, only you have to select the monitor which you want as your primary display. You can do this by clicking on the check box indicating Make this my main display option.

Calibrate Monitor Display

Now the last setting for the best gaming display is Display Color Calibration, which will help you improve your display colors and give the best and accurate display color. To calibrate your display, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on the search bar of your PC and type Calibrate display color and select it.
  2. After clicking the option, you may ask for permission; you have to confirm.
  3. The Welcome to Display Color Calibration page will appear; then click on the Next to continue.
  4. In the set basic color settings page, you’ve to click the menu button present on your monitor.
  5. The monitor menu will appear on the screen now; using the buttons available on your monitor; you can navigate through the on-screen menu and select the one accurate color.
  6. Now follow the steps shown on the screen and tap next each time.
  7. Then, you will be redirected to you’ve successfully created a new calibration page.
  8. You will select the new calibration by clicking the finish option while clicking the cancel option will select the old calibration.
  9. Finally, the calibration of your monitor display is all done.

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A good monitor with the best gaming settings can elevate your gaming experience from worst to best, so you can set the above settings and get the best display on your monitor screen.

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