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Best Multi Monitor Stands | Complete Buying Guide and 05 Types

Combining more than one monitor via multi monitor stands helps you boost your performance. It lets you move, tilt, and adjust each screen effortlessly to better match your requirements. It helps keep your desk cleaner by using a single mount rather than two separate supports. 

Numerous screen computer systems are used by creators who need to run multiple applications simultaneously, for instance, for writers who need various sources visible at all times and gamers who need a more extensive field of vision. Still, these expansive arrangements aren’t without flaws. Unless you invest in the best multi monitor stand, maintaining display consistency is nearly complicated, and several footprints take up valuable desktop real estate. They’re not the simplest thing to find, but we’ve compiled a list of the best to get you started.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

Before we get into the in-depth reviews, let’s go over some of the main characteristics when choosing a multi monitor stand.

Mounting Type

VESA mounts are the industry standard for monitor mounting. You’ll need to ensure that your monitors are VESA compatible, which is simple to do: search for four screw holes in a square pattern on the back of your monitor. If those holes are there, you’re good to go. Otherwise, you’ll need to find a compatible monitor.

Type of Stand

The type of stand you require should be your first consideration. There are three stands types, namely,

  1. Free Standing
  2. Grommet-mounted
  3. Clamp-mounted 

Free Standing

A robust, weighty center base plate rests on your desk, holding everything to the spot in free-standing designs. They’re not joined in any manner, making it easy to move the entire system at once, but they have a large footprint.


This stand is fixed underneath your desk and mounted with drill holes. These are the most rigid mounts, but they aren’t always the most powerful. They take up very little space.


C-clamps are used to secure these stands to the edge of your desk. They have a compact footprint and are incredibly safe, but they aren’t ideal for deep workstations because your monitors will be too far apart.


The dimensions of the monitors it can hold, and its total weight-bearing capabilities are referred to as capacity. In most cases, weight guidelines are specified per arm. The stand must be capable of mounting your monitors without causing stress, overload, or, in the worst-case scenario, damage. The majority of frames are designed to accommodate displays up to 27 inches; however, some can support up to 32 inches. Make sure to check it before purchasing one.


Another thing to consider is how you want your displays to be placed. For instance, with dual monitor setup you can have a horizontal or vertical configuration. All three monitors can be placed side by side in a three-monitor arrangement, or one on the top row and two on the bottom row. A two-by-two monitor layout is the most typical for a four-monitor setup. Two monitors are stacked, one on top of the other in a row.

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One of the essential advantages of monitor mounts is the enhanced positioning versatility. Think about how flexible the arms are or how much articulation there is. Articulation makes this possible, as the number of joints and their flexibility define how much range you have.

Pole-based stands are stiffer, with a single robust pole serving as the middle arm. A second pole or bar is sometimes placed horizontally to accommodate more than two monitors. Full motion swivel and articulating gas spring arms are available on premium monitor stands. They allow you to turn, tilt, and reposition the screens to best meet your viewing angle and eliminate glare, giving you the most attainable versatility.

Type of Arm

After you’ve decided on a stand, think about the arms. Stand arms can be classified in various ways, of which two primary are. 

  1. Flat Arms
  2. Curved Arms

First, decide whether you want curved or flat arms. Curved arms give the array a more arching cockpit feel. Flat arms might let you bend gently into an arch, but they’re generally employed in linear arrays.

Some of the more complex arm types allow you to adjust individual monitor angle and height, but all adjustments must be made manually, which can be time consuming. Gas springs are used in more complex choices to allow quick changes without loosening or tightening anything, but they are unlikely to be as powerful as standard arms.

Best Multi Monitor Stands

Below are the top 6 types of multiple monitor stands discussed in detail.

  1. Dual Monitor Stand 
  2. Triple Monitor Stand
  3. Quad Monitor Stand
  4. Pent Monitor Stand
  5. Hex Monitor Stand

Dual Monitor Stand 

One of the most common multi monitor stands for double screen monitor is the dual monitor stand that mounts two displays horizontally. It’s an excellent choice for users who want an additional monitor at eye level. Some frames offer you the feature to mount vertically, while others let you rotate the display so you can have them in an ‘L’ orientation. You’ll also get two choices for the size of your monitor. You can choose either a free-standing or desk mount variety. 

Triple Monitor Stand

These are the most popular and the best monitor mount that holds three monitors in rows. You’ll find many manufacturers offering 2+1 configurations with two monitors attached side by side and a single one above them in the center. 

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The triple monitor stand securely hold your 3 screen monitor to the back of your desk or credenza to keep your three monitors at an optimum viewing height. Also, they are easy to set up and easy to use, keeping your monitors secure and letting you enjoy multiple displays at a time. 

Quad Monitor Stand

This 4 monitor mount is a versatile product that can support your four monitors greatly with several configurations, allowing you to view all four screens simultaneously. They are the perfect monitor for any professional environment. You get two configurations in the quad monitor stand.

  1. 1+3 configuration
  2. 2+2 configuration

In the 1+3 configuration, three monitors are mounted horizontally, and the fourth in the center. While the 2+2 configuration lets you mount two monitors in a row, one on top of the other, with the stand capable of holding two rows. 

Penta Monitor Stand 

These monitor stands are least common compared to others. Still, they allow you to easily mount a monitor or TV to the wall with its patented clamping system, thus letting you adjust monitors for perfect viewing angles. Like others, they are also available in two versions, free-standing and desk mount. However, there is only one configuration setup for the Penta monitor stand. They will allow you to use your monitors in two rows. The top row features two monitors, while the bottom row features three monitors. It’s perfect for any game with multiple windows or dialog boxes opening simultaneously, such as Diablo III or Civilization VI.

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Hex Monitor Stand

Create ergonomic environments for multiple monitor mounting with the hex-monitor stand. Like the five-monitor bracket, you get two rows, with three monitors in each row. The 3+3 configuration offers a perfect rectangle with the same monitors.

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This monitor mount is the ideal solution for work, monitoring, security, gaming, relaxing, and other multiple screen applications. This mount can support and add dynamic movements to your monitors, and it will let you tilt, swivel, and rotate monitors as needed. It’s fully adjustable, so it can support 6 monitors greatly.


Not long ago, the only places you’d find multi monitor configurations were NASA control rooms and Hollywood hacker movies like The Matrix and Swordfish. Still, nowadays, this system has gained popularity for regular use. 

Hence, why work on a single screen when you can use more than two screens? Above are the best multi monitor stands you will require to keep all your displays upright and free up that desk space.

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