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How Big is My Monitor? | Best Ways to Determine Monitor Size in Inches

The screen size and ratio of a monitor vary on a large scale. In addition, for many customers looking to buy a monitor, the screen size is the most attractive feature because a large screen has a higher resolution than a small screen. So, how to tell how big my monitor is and locate Screen Size? Or how big is my monitor in inches? When it comes to determining the screen size, you probably have many questions like them.

Monitors for desktop computers come in sizes ranging from 13″ to 43.” With 84″ or higher screen sizes, some people may use their TV as a monitor. However, the average laptop screen size is between 11.6″ and 17.” While technology plays a part, in general, the larger the monitor, the more expensive it is. If you wonder how big my laptop monitor is, you must know laptops are slightly different. In them, price is less important than functionality and portability. 

If you are currently using your screen, you may quickly get the size of your monitor without standing up. The simplest method is to look it up on the internet. You can confirm this by consulting your manual, inspecting the packing of your monitor, looking at the model number, or measuring the monitor with an inch-tape or measuring ruler.

Let’s discuss them all further in detail.

How to Check How Big My Monitor is Without Measuring?

There are four easy methods to determine the size of your monitor, which are given below.

  1. By Model Specifications
  2. Checking Computer Manual
  3. Online Search
  4. From Backside of the Screen
  5. Checking Packaging

By Model Specifications

How can I tell how big my monitor is without measuring? The easiest way is by the model number. There are two methods. You can opt for whichever works for you.

Method 01

Check your laptop or desktop’s model number. The size of your display is usually included in the model number of your computer. For example, let’s say you might have a VIOTEK GFV24CB monitor. The first two digits following the letters indicate the screen size in inches. This VIOTEK monitor is a 24-inch display.

Method 02

If you are unable to determine with the help of a monitor number, you can follow the following steps to know them,

Go to the start button and type system information into the search box to find system information.

how to check how big my monitor is

Click the system information link in the search results.

After clicking on system information, a model information window will open. In the system section, check for the model number.

how big is my monitor

Google this model number; you’ll find it on the manufacturer’s website.

how big is my monitor inches

Checking Computer Manual

You can also get sizing information from your computer monitor’s manual. Aside from the other specs, one of the most important features is the monitor size.

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Online Search

Accessing the website of your computer’s manufacturer is a second way to determine the size of your monitor online quickly. You can use multiple internet websites provided by Google to identify your monitor’s screen size. Moreover, you can also visit the official website of the monitor’s manufacturer for the most up-to-date information about the model. 

Enter the model number of your monitor in the search field or browse the website for monitor sizing information.

However, many bogus websites may request information from you to determine the size of your website screen, so be cautious while utilizing such sites. In addition, they may infect your computer with malware.

From Backside of the Screen

You may also determine the size of your screen by looking at the back of your monitor. Many come with a sticker that lists the most significant specifications. You can find the screen size there.

Checking Packaging

The original packaging in which the monitor is purchased or delivered also contains information regarding the monitor size. So you can determine it from there.

How to Check Monitor Size in Inches By Measuring?

Are you wondering how big is my monitor inches? The method below is precise and will help you with that query.

To determine, you may use either a measuring tape or a ruler. However, I prefer the measuring tape because it won’t scratch your screen.

The diagonal length of a laptop’s screen is measured in the same way that monitors are measured: from the upper left corner to the lower-right corner or from the upper right corner to the lower-left corner.

However, please remember that the bezel is not included in the dimension. The laptop’s diagonal size is usually between 11″ and 17.” However, you must include the bezel in the measurement if you wish to buy screen protection or any other privacy device for your laptop.


The process for measuring a monitor screen is as follows.

  1. Measure the width and height of your computer screen diagonally. Remember to ignore the computer’s frame and solely measure the screen size as you align your measuring tape or ruler to the top-left corner.
  2. The size of your diagonal measurement should match the diagonal measurement of your frameless screen exactly.
  3. Excluding the frame, measure the apparent height and breadth of your screen. These should also match the dimensions of the computer monitor filter you’ll use.


How can I determine the size of my screen in Windows 10?

The simplest way to determine your screen size is to use the processes previously discussed to assess your model’s characteristics.

You can measure it physically or online or check the backside of your computer for information on display size.

What is the difference between a screen’s resolution and its size?

The physical dimensions of the display, excluding the bezels, are referred to as screen size. On the other hand, screen resolution refers to the number of pixels that make up the screen. Therefore, regardless of the size of your display, you can alter the screen resolutions.


Choosing the right screen size is as crucial for enhancing your work abilities. You can make an online search on the manufacturer or other reputable websites. The best range to consider for computer monitor physical sizes is between 24 and 30 inches. These monitor screen sizes are ideal for working from home and are popular among online gamers.

We hope your questions regarding how big is my computer monitor are resolved.

If not, feel free to ask in the comments below. 

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