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Step by Step Guide on How to Check Refresh Rate of Monitor

On high-resolution screens, if refresh rate of monitor is, then 144-hertz monitor displays 144 times per second to provide new images. For gamers, it is essential; hence you must know if your monitor refresh rate is 144Hz or not. 

If you are wondering how to check refresh rate on monitor, then follow the steps below. Besides you can also run an UFO Test to check your monitor refresh rate.

What Is Hertz?

The multitude of times your screen refreshes itself per second is measured in Hertz (Hz). This implies that a 60Hz monitor will refresh the image displayed every 60 seconds and return 60 images per second, whilst a 120Hz monitor will refresh every 120 seconds and return 120 photos per second.

What is the Refresh Rate of Monitor?

A greater refresh rate refers to how frequently a display updates the onscreen image, as shown in the image below. The display’s refresh rate is measured in hertz, whereas the duration between these updates is measured in milliseconds (ms) (Hz).

For instance, if your monitor’s refresh rate is 144Hz, the image will be refreshed 144 times in one second. Hence, coupling with higher frame rates given by a CPU and GPU, one can have better exposure and more inclusive FPS.

Requirement for Higher Refresh Rate

Three of the most crucial components to consider to make use of greater refresh rates are:

  1. Monitor
  2. CPU
  3. GPU


A monitor with a fast-refreshing capability.


A CPU capable of promptly delivering crucial game commands such as AI, physics, game logic, and graphics data.


A GPU is capable of quickly executing these instructions and generating the graphics you see on display.

Available Refresh Rates

The available refresh rates are

  1. 23 Hertz
  2. 24 Hertz
  3. 59 Hertz
  4. 60 Hertz
  5. 85 Hertz
  6. 100 Hertz
  7. 120 Hertz
  8. 140 Hertz

How Does Hertz Affect Your Gaming Experience?

For the typical user, the difference is not nearly as evident as it is for competitive gamers. Little changes matter a lot for gamers when gaining victory in competitive games like CS: GO, Battlefield, PUBG, Overwatch, Valorant, and Fortnite.

The image quality will not improve; rather, the smoothness of the motion will improve. A 60Hz monitor shows 60 different images per second, whereas a 120Hz panel shows 120 different images per second. In other words, Hz refers to the rate at which the screen is refreshed and has nothing to do with the quality of visuals.

Hence, compared to 60hz monitors, 120Hz and 144Hz monitors offer gamers the opportunity to make quick reactions.

Steps To Check Refresh Rate of Monitor

Below are the steps which will help you in finding out the refresh rate of monitor.

Step 1: Go to Settings after searching from the search box.

Step 2: Click on System

Step 3: Click on Display and then scroll down to “Advance Display Setting”

Step 4: You can check the refresh rate of the monitor.

How to Change Monitor Refresh Rate?

If you want to change the monitor refresh rate further, follow the following steps,

Step 5: Click on “Display Adapter Properties for Display 1”

Step 6: Go to the “Monitor” tab and pick the desired refresh rate from the list of screen refresh rates under the monitor setting.

We hope this guide helps you learn how to change Hz on the monitor and check the monitor’s refresh rate.

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